FarSuperior Business Community Qualifications

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the FarSuperior Community of 
business owners and business professionals.  FarSuperior is an Ad Free, Spam Free,
Consumer Friendly organization dedicated to the promise of Exceeding the Expectations
of our those we serve.

Our community is not for everyone.  There are strict requirements that must be met and maintained
in order to be a part of this worthwhile and giving organization that places the trust of our customers, clients
and patients before our interests of financial gain.  We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards 
of performance and always working create a FarSuperior experience on the Internet.

We have a limited number of openings in each business category, in order to do our best in providing options for 
our customers in their selection of the best companies in their local market, while ensuring we are able to provide
our business members with a steady stream of new and loyal customers.  We are seeking company's with a strong, successful
history in business that are also community minded and giving in nature.  Below are the basic requirements. If you meet the requirements
please complete the application process today.  If for any reason your business category is filled for your local market area, we will be
happy to place you on our waiting list for when the market for additional providers is open.  No fees are due until we have pre-approved your 
business and have an opening.

Minimum 5 Years of Operation within your industry.

All professional licensing and/or required certifications in good standing.

No outstanding or unresolved customer published complaints

Active Client/Customer/Patient Recommendations

All corporate "business entity" registrations in good standing.

Acceptance of FarSuperior's Circle of Trust Mediation
and Alternative Dispute Resolution Agreement

Acceptance and Execution of FarSuperior's Promise to Consumers

Acceptance and Execution of FarSuperior's Non-Disclosure Statement.

Acceptance of our cross promotional program to help build and enhance
the business presence of other FS members in your area.

Adherence to all local, state and national laws that govern
their business operation.

A history of positive community involvement, charitable giving, or faith
based giving.

A desire to exceed your customer's expectations.